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Connecticut Electrical Updgrades Solor PV Connecticut Electrical Updgrades Solor PV
Connecticut Electrical Updgrades Solor PV

Solar PV

Solar Electric Systems - Solar electric systems are also known as Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV systems.      

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems - We install two types of photovoltaic systems.

 How Solar Panels Work - Solar is a simple, elegant technology that is virtually maintenance-free, due to the fact that it has no moving parts. The energy source, sunlight, is reliable, locally available, and always free.

Save On Your Electric Bill

  • Grid-Tied
    • A grid-tied—or net-metered—PV system is connected to the utility grid through a special digital meter that records the amount of power your system produces, and the amount of power that you use from the grid. You'll “spin the meter backwards” when the house produces more electricity than it needs. The utility grid serves as storage, eliminating the need for batteries.
      $0.00 Down Payment, Low Fixed Monthly Payments
      Your CT Solar Lease™ requires no downpayment, and has been designed to provide qualifying homeowners with the lowest possible fixed monthly payment* - less than $120 per month for a typical 5 kw system!
  • Off-Grid
    • Off-grid—or remote—systems are those that are completely independent of the utility grid. They require batteries to store the energy they collect during sunny times, for use at night or when the sun isn’t shining. Sicuranza Electric is at home in the islands and coastal communities of New England, where we live, and began our solar business. Our off-grid experience allows us to serve customers with second homes in remote areas. CT Rebate does not apply to Off Grid Systems.
  • Roof Condition
    • Because solar systems are designed for long life, your roof should be in good condition, with most of its useful life left. Once installed, the roof does gain some protection under the solar panels since they shade the roof from the effects of sunlight.

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Connecticut Electrical Updgrades Solor PV